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Hidetools Child Control

Control your child's computer usage: restrict access to Web sites, browsers, messengers, games
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17 September 2009

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Protect your child from obscene web sites, control access to games and other programs and monitor forbidden activity. This Internet filter protects your child from bad web sites.

Pros: Hidetools Child Control is all-in-one program solution allows you to control access to web sites, programs, files and folders and monitor forbidden activity.

The program include powerful Internet filter which protects your child from obscene web sites. Various protection tactics available with this application are blocking web sites, prohibiting internet applications such as browsers, chats and IM applications, limit access to games, block any program/window. There’s a log maintained so that you know what accesses or application usage has happened. This application is protected by a master password so that settings cannot be changed back. The application can even work in the invisible mode so that the child would not even be aware of it operating, much less change any settings. Customizable hotkeys make the operation easy for the parent.

Websites that contain harmful words can be blocked. There’s a list ob obscene words that can trigger the block. One can define his own words for this blacklist. Applications, that usually are time wasters or are potentially dangerous, such as chat applications, can also be blocked. These include Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, MIRC, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Skype. Or games or any other program you may consider harmful.

Limit access to your personal folder or file. The program blocks any windows you don’t want to be executed by your child. Track what your child does on computer. Hidetools Child Control logs web sites visited and applications/ files executed. The operating panel is very simple, easy to operate and learn. Should not be difficult to use for parents at all.

Cons: Banning things on the basis of some key words has the potential of switching off legitimate sits too. For example if the child has to research anything that may contain these negative words, he/she would not be able to access such a site.

Overall this simple application which is going to be useful for many is good for a 4 star rating at least.

Publisher's description

Hidetools Child Control is an all-in-one program solution allows you to control access to Web sites, programs, files and folders and monitor forbidden activities.
The program includes the powerful Internet filter which protects your child from an obscene Web content.
Hidetools Child Control allows you to:
- protect your child from adult Web sites
- prohibit Internet applications (Web Browsers, Chats, Messengers)
- restrict access to games
- forbid chatter via the Internet (Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MIRC, Skype)
- block any programs
- block any windows
- make logs of child's unwanted PC activities
Hidetools Child Control helps parents to make a computer and the Internet safe and useful for their children.
Hidetools Child Control
Hidetools Child Control
Version 5.34
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